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Personal Breathalysers

Semiconductor Breathalysers

Among the many models of semiconductor breathalysers available on the market, you will not find any that will provide the accuracy, stability and repeatability of the results for which calibration laboratories or the producer will take full legal responsibility, and under which a person may decide to perform a test drive. Most people buy these devices and come to the conclusion that things such as peppermint candy can interfere with the readings. This is because semiconductor breathalyser results are affected by many factors such as the type of food intake, acetone, and many other substances present in the mouth, including peppermint, smoke, tobacco, tea, and coffee, as well as the temperature, humidity, etc. The biggest disadvantage of these devices is that after a few months of use, semiconductor breathalysers may produce measurement errors of several hundred percent! Semiconductor breathalysers need to be recalibrated much more frequently.

Electrochemical (Fuel Cell) breathalysers

Electrochemical (Fuel Cell) breathalysers dare often used by the police due to a very small measurement error, which is achieved through a built-in electrochemical sensor. The electrochemical sensor is used for its chemical aspect. The sensor reacts to the alcohol molecules, which are a precisely defined quantity of exhaled air that is sucked by the pump to the sensor in the final stage of blowing. These kind of breathalysers can be used to test more people at once and do not require frequent recalibration.




NF approved Breathalyser that can be legally used in France and shows results up to 0.5% . From the 1st March 2013, the French government has confirmed that all motorised vehicles travelling in France are required to carry NF Approved Breathalysers.

Sales price: £2.45
Sale -5%

The AlkoSure K1 - simple key chain breathalyser for quick alcohol breath detection. Very simple to use. It has blowing presure sensor and foldible mouthpiece.

Base price with tax: £29.50
Sales price: £28.00
Discount: £-1.50
Sale -24%

The AlcoSafe KX2500 is a digital alcohol breath tester that measures presence of alcohol in your breath. It uses a high quality semiconductor sensor.The LCD display provides fast, clear numeric BAC result to user.

Base price with tax: £49.00
Sales price: £37.00
Discount: £-12.00
Sale -18%

The ALCOSCAN AL-6000 is a high quality hand held portable breath alcohol tester used to check a subject's breath alcohol concentration with high accuracy. The device uses a flow-rate controller to ensure accurate results. This model is a good choice for personal use or for small companies. Our...

Base price with tax: £79.00
Sales price: £65.00
Discount: £-14.00
Sale -24%

The AlcoSafe™ 6000S4 is a premium grade digital alcohol breath detector that quickly screens for the presence of alcohol in breath. The LCD display indicates the Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) and alert if you are over the legal limit (could be set by user itself ).

Base price with tax: £79.00
Sales price: £60.00
Discount: £-19.00
Sale -19%

The ALCOSCAN AL-7000 is a breathalyzer that combines advanced PRISM (Precalibrated Replaceable Intelligent Sensor Module) technology, professional accuracy and modern design into a convenient, easy-to-use device. It is suitable for personal or corporate use. FEATURES Large 4 digit LCD Display...

Base price with tax: £89.00
Sales price: £72.00
Discount: £-17.00

The Alkohit X3 is the smallest and simplest Alkohit breathalyser. This handy little device is designed for reasonable drivers who need a reliable, dependable, and above all stable breathalyser at an affordable price. The Alkohit X3’s priority objective was to create an accurate and stable...

Sales price: £99.00
Sale -8%

The Alkohit X5 breathalyser is intended for individuals who demand accurate and repeatable measurements and a reasonable price. It is characterized by a clear screen display that displays the result in 4 digits (0.001) and simple operation. ALKOHIT X5 beeps when you reach 0.22 mg/l (new Scotish...

Base price with tax: £109.00
Sales price: £100.00
Discount: £-9.00

The Alkohit X30 breathalyser is designed for individuals and small businesses who expect accurate and repeatable measurements. It is characterized by a clear display showing the results accurate to one thousandth and a simple operation. Its undeniable advantage is its high quality electrochemical...

Sales price: £115.00
Sale -8%

AlcoFind AF-35 is a powerful and elegant fuel cell breathalyser from Korea. It’s main advantage is that it is equipped with a stable electrochemical sensor which gives accurate readings for a longer time. The AF-35 breathalyser examines the content in exhaled air in the range of 0.00-2.50 mg/L....

Base price with tax: £129.00
Sales price: £119.00
Discount: £-10.00

Alkohit X50 is the most attractively priced product in the series of electrochemical breathalyzers produced by Alkohit ®, and is used to perform measurements with the funnel cap or mouthpiece. The device is designed for individuals and small businesses who expect accuracy, reproducible results...

Sales price: £145.00
Sale -6%

The AL 9000 (not "AL9000 lite/black" with lower quality sensor) is a high-end digital breathalyser used to measure the concentration of alcohol in the breath. The tester is based on accurate and stable electrochemical sensor, so that police accuracy is available to the ordinary user.

Base price with tax: £169.00
Sales price: £159.00
Discount: £-10.00

The Alkohit X60 breathalyser is the most cost-effective product in a series of electrochemical Alkohit breathalysers used to perform measurements with a funnel cap (from a distance) or a mouthpiece. The breathalyser can be used to detect alcohol content not only for your own use, but also to...

Sales price: £169.00
Sale -12%

The Alkohit X100 breathalyser is without a doubt a professional breathalyser that combines modern elegance with a number of intelligent features. One of the main advantages of this breathalyser is its stable electrochemical sensor, the same as in the model AH69, which was authorized to check...

Base price with tax: £259.00
Sales price: £229.00
Discount: £-30.00


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