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ETHYWAY breathalyser with fuel cell (electrochemical) sensor meets the requirements of French standard NF X 20-704 and has NF certificate.

Sales price: £189.00

Pack of 20 mouthpieces for DA (Alcofind) series breathalysers

Sales price: £8.00

NF approved Breathalyser that can be legally used in France and shows results up to 0.5% . From the 1st March 2013, the French government has confirmed that all motorised vehicles travelling in France are required to carry NF Approved Breathalysers.

Sales price: £2.45
Sale -5%

The AlkoSure K1 - simple key chain breathalyser for quick alcohol breath detection. Very simple to use. It has blowing presure sensor and foldible mouthpiece.

Base price with tax: £29.50
Sales price: £28.00
Discount: £-1.50
Sale -24%

The AlcoSafe KX2500 is a digital alcohol breath tester that measures presence of alcohol in your breath. It uses a high quality semiconductor sensor.The LCD display provides fast, clear numeric BAC result to user.

Base price with tax: £49.00
Sales price: £37.00
Discount: £-12.00
Sale -24%

The AlcoSafe™ 6000S4 is a premium grade digital alcohol breath detector that quickly screens for the presence of alcohol in breath. The LCD display indicates the Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) and alert if you are over the legal limit (could be set by user itself ).

Base price with tax: £79.00
Sales price: £60.00
Discount: £-19.00

Pack of 20 mouthpieces for AL series breathalysers

Sales price: £8.00
Sale -6%

The AL 9000 (not "AL9000 lite/black" with lower quality sensor) is a high-end digital breathalyser used to measure the concentration of alcohol in the breath. The tester is based on accurate and stable electrochemical sensor, so that police accuracy is available to the ordinary user.

Base price with tax: £169.00
Sales price: £159.00
Discount: £-10.00
Sale -8%

AlcoFind AF-35 is a powerful and elegant fuel cell breathalyser from Korea. It’s main advantage is that it is equipped with a stable electrochemical sensor which gives accurate readings for a longer time. The AF-35 breathalyser examines the content in exhaled air in the range of 0.00-2.50 mg/L....

Base price with tax: £129.00
Sales price: £119.00
Discount: £-10.00
Sale -18%

The ALCOSCAN AL-6000 is a high quality hand held portable breath alcohol tester used to check a subject's breath alcohol concentration with high accuracy. The device uses a flow-rate controller to ensure accurate results. This model is a good choice for personal use or for small companies. Our...

Base price with tax: £79.00
Sales price: £65.00
Discount: £-14.00
Sale -19%

The ALCOSCAN AL-7000 is a breathalyzer that combines advanced PRISM (Precalibrated Replaceable Intelligent Sensor Module) technology, professional accuracy and modern design into a convenient, easy-to-use device. It is suitable for personal or corporate use. FEATURES Large 4 digit LCD Display...

Base price with tax: £89.00
Sales price: £72.00
Discount: £-17.00

Calibrated sensor for breathalyzer AlcoScan AL6000. Sensor calibrated BAC%

Sales price: £20.00

Calibrated sensor for breathalyzer AlcoScan AL7000

Sales price: £25.00

Pack of 50 mouthpieces for AL series breathalysers

Sales price: £15.00

The Alkohit ® X500 is a professional breathalyzer with many exclusive features. Due to its exceptional nature, the breathalyzer is aimed primarily at the business class. The device combines precise measurements with modern design and ergonomics. This breathalyzer provides not only a sense of...

Sales price: £389.00

Pack of 50 mouthpieces for breathalyzer Alkohit X50, X60, X100, X500, X600

Sales price: £15.00

The Alkohit X60 breathalyser is the most cost-effective product in a series of electrochemical Alkohit breathalysers used to perform measurements with a funnel cap (from a distance) or a mouthpiece. The breathalyser can be used to detect alcohol content not only for your own use, but also to...

Sales price: £169.00

The Alkohit X600 with integrated thermal printer is the most technologically advanced breath analyser in the series of Alkohit ® breathalyzers.

Sales price: £825.00

Pack of 50 mouthpieces for breathalyser Alkohit X3, X5, X10, X30

Sales price: £15.00
Sale -12%

The Alkohit X100 breathalyser is without a doubt a professional breathalyser that combines modern elegance with a number of intelligent features. One of the main advantages of this breathalyser is its stable electrochemical sensor, the same as in the model AH69, which was authorized to check...

Base price with tax: £259.00
Sales price: £229.00
Discount: £-30.00


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