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Hangover - a bad mood caused by overconsumption of alcohol. The most common symptoms of a hangover include headache, nausea, pessimism, lack of appetite, vomiting, physical weakness, red eyes and dizziness. The main cause of hangovers is acetaldehyde–a toxic substance produced in the liver in the metabolism of alcohol. As many as 80% of people who consume alcohol have had a hangover at least once, and 20% of students have a hangover weekly. An intake of alcohol of 100 ml to 400 ml results in loss of water from the body, which is manifested by a persistent thirst. The amount of calories in alcohol is about 100 kcal per 500 ml.

How to avoid a hangover:

  • Consume fatty food to prolong the digestion process and thus slow the absorption of alcohol into the blood.
  • Take some vitamin B complex and vitamin C.
  • Drink a glass of whole milk, which will help slow down the absorption of alcohol into the blood and protect the stomach from irritation.
  • Drink as much water and fruit juices as possible during the consumption of alcohol.
  • Do not drink carbonated beverages.
  • Do not drink cheap red wine, whiskey, or rum, which contain the highest amount of methanol—a toxin that causes the terrible feeling the following day.
  • Never mix different types of alcohol.
  • Do not smoke cigarettes.

What to do next:

Eat eggs

Helps reduce the feeling of a hangover due to the presence ofcysteine found in eggs, which will help combat the alcohol toxins.

Eat fruits (bananas, kiwi, apples), vegetables (carrots)

Potassium supplements can help alleviate hangover symptoms.

Eat a spoonful of honey

Complements the sugar and potassium levels in the blood.

Drink energy drinks

Provides glucose.

Drink plenty of water

Cleanses the body of toxins, and supplements water shortage.

Drink as much fruit juice

A vitamin supplement which will help cleanse the body of toxins.

Eat brown bread with jam, honey or pasta

Complements sugar levels.

Drink tomato juice with lemon

WHelps in the faster metabolism of alcohol.

Take a bath

You'll feel better; your skin will breathe better and release toxins.

We also recommend:

  • • Going out for a walk in fresh air
  • • Eating chicken soup, raw sauerkraut or yogurt
  • • Taking some vitamin B complex and vitamin C


  • Do not drink coffee the following day, as coffee is a diuretic. It does not supply the necessary water to the body.
  • Do not drink alcohol on the following day, even in very small quantities, as it will only prolong overall sobriety.
  • As your metabolism slows down, so does the elimination of alcohol from the body.
  • Do not take painkillers before bed (if you must, take it after you wake up).


  • A lethal dose of alcohol is about 4 per mille. Record was 12.3 per mille.
  • Detoxification in a hospital consists of venous glucose and mineral salts.
  • Most methanol (the most harmful alcohol) is found in "cheap" wine.
  • Alcohol should not be mixed with soda, fruit juice only or non-carbonated water. Alcohol has a relatively large amount of calories–about 7 calories per gram of alcohol, but they are called empty calories as they do not affect weight gain.
  • 90% of the alcohol is eliminated in the liver–it is chemically modified in the body by enzymes and excreted as CO2 + H20. The remaining 10% is excreted through sweat, urine and exhaled in the breath.


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